After Hrithik, Kareena makes peace with Abhishek

21st December 2013
Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan sure is in a mood to make peace after being all married and settled. 
The actress was not on talking terms with Abhishek Bachchan after he broke up his engagement with her sister Karisma Kapoor, but now she has decided to bury the bitter past and move on. 
Kareena agreed to attend an art exhibition despite the fact that Abhishek was going to be present there. She further expressed her desire to work with Abhishek and wished him luck for 'Dhoom 3'
Abhishek also paid back the kind gesture by saying that Kareena is very talented and also special to him as she was his first co-star. 
First Kareena called it truce with Hrithik Roshan; the two had issues while shooting Subhash Ghai's 'Yaadein'. Sussanne Roshan suspected that there was something fishy between Hrithik and Kareena a reason why she asked her hubby never to work with Bebo again. However, the two have resolved their differences and agreed to work in Karan Johar's movie. 
By making peace with Hrithik and Abhishek, Bebo is sure in a mood to let bygones be bygones. 
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