Catch the off screen chemistry of Shoojit Sircar's 'October' team

10th April 2018

Shoojit Sircar directed 'October' is about to theatre the screens on April 13 and just before we see the final product on screen let's take a look at the behind the scenes while filming for this not a usual love story.

The first making video we have Varun Dhawan as Danish Walia urf Dan taking the sneak peek of the hotel industry and how every department actually works. Shoojiit made him vacuum the carpets, clean toilets, floors, laundry, in s nutshell he made him do that which a hotel industry needs to go through and get him close to his character which was in mind. Witness the character development of Danish Walia aka Dan in this behind the scenes video here

The next video is all about how the director Shoojit Sircar and his technique of making a film. He majorly acts down the sequence to explain it to the actors making it easier for them to deliver. He also gets behind the camera literally to translate story-board sketches on screen. Watch Shoojiit's exceptional direction techniques in this video here

Moreover, meet the debutant of the film Banita Sandhu aka Shiuli super expressive with her eyes. The director narrowed down to cast her due to pretty expressive eyes. Her expressive side is captured a lot and Shoojiit admitted himself that ''the most hard-working part, if someone has done in the film, is actually Banita''. Click here to watch how Banita prepped for her role.