Fergie: I make time for husband

11th October 2012

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Fergie spends time with her husband Josh Duhamel "as often as possible."

The songstress and the actor will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary in January 2013.

Fergie and Josh are food enthusiasts.

One of the couple's favourite pastimes is to check out new cuisine together.

"We go out as often as possible," Fergie told Us Weekly magazine.

"New restaurants are our favourite."

Fergie and Josh also like to cook food together at home.

The singer has spoken before about the deep joy she finds in preparing meals with her partner.

"Yeah, we love it," she told television chef Rachel Ray earlier this year.

"We get in the kitchen and we're not Rachael Ray, but we have fun. He can cook a mean lasagna.

"I love touring and performing don't get me wrong, it's in my blood, in my veins, it runs through it.

"But, you know, doing it for eight years in a row, just sleeping in different beds, in different time zones, there's not much of a structure, and so it's nice to come home and be a wife and get to start to decorate my house and do all of those things." (C) Cover Media