Nelly Furtado talks 'strong' record

18th September 2012

Nelly Furtado is proud of her "lyrically strong" album.

The songstress is currently promoting her new record The Spirit Indestructible. Nelly is proud of the varying messages her new music conveys.

"This new album juxtaposes a lot of different things. There's an innocence mixed with, like, a heaviness. There's sort of a playful energy with mixed with like a raw energy. It's a bit dark and light at the same time, just harder beats with playful vocals," she explained in an interview with MTV News.

"So this album's very inspired: a lot of comes from my own life, life stories, experiences, even a lot of the themes are joy, celebration, nostalgia, novelty. [It] kind of runs the gamut. I think it's my most lyrically strong album to date as well."

Nelly's new album features a collaboration with Nas. The two stars were introduced through mutual friend, producer Salaam Remi, and Nelly says she was instantly impressed by the rapper.

"It wasn't until I was finally sending in my liner notes to the label and handing in my lyrics that I had to ask Salaam for Nas' rap... It's one thing listening to Nas rap, but then when you see his words on paper, you really see what a poet he is," she gushed.

"And I'm happy he's on the album."