'STOP objectifying women' says Raveena Tandon in an open letter

20th April 2017

Raveena Tandon is all set with her next film 'Maatr' based on a real life incident. While women safety has always been a issue in the society, no strict measures are taken to stop the crimes related to women such as molestation, rape and sexual assaults. As 'Maatr' covers the same story, Raveena has now expressed her thoughts through an open letter where she talks about the crimes with a mother's perspective. Read the entire letter here-

"Crimes in India have been on a constant rise of late. As a mother, this really scares me. Sometimes, we read about horrifying incidents in the newspapers or watch these gruesome acts being discussed on television; during such times, my worst fears begin to haunt me. As a mother, a person’s thoughts are a lot different than how they would have been otherwise.

As of today, more than 34,000 rape cases are lodged every year, which is just a miniscule fraction of incidents that have actually occurred. Because of this, I am always on my guard. My blood boils when I read about people being harmed, about young boys and girls and their helpless parents.

Dear young boys, all I can tell you is STOP. Stop objectifying women. Stop looking at them like they are some kind of commodity. Stop thinking that you’re automatically entitled to the women you see around you.

Dear young girls, my heart goes out to you. When the society fails to protect you, it is important for you to understand that it’s all in your hands now. It is time to learn to voice your grievances and fight back against the men who ogle at you, pass lewd comments, and even dare to touch you inappropriately.

And lastly, I want to address the parents. It is undoubtedly crucial to teach your daughters how to defend themselves, but it is imperative that you teach your sons not to attack in the first place. The day this happens will be the day our country is truly safe for women.

India can be a haven for women only if everyone works together towards the cause. Having said this, I urge everyone – men, women and others alike – to raise their voices against such atrocities, and work towards a safer tomorrow. You wouldn't want a nasty incident to happen to someone close to you, right? So, act today!


A Worried Mother."

Well Raveena's concern about women and girls is not wrong, as India is a country that worships many Goddesses but somehow fails to worship the real superpower. 

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