Ali Zafar's peace corner

16th September 2012

Different superstars have different unsaid norms which they follow. While some vouch to study scripts thoroughly before performing, some take various other routes to give their best for the audience. But amidst all the practices and norms, Ali Zafar makes an exception. 

The Pakistani artist who has been doing great work in Bollywood has been lucky with his acting and music that has been well received by the audience. And as an artist, he too has a peculiar stand that brings the best out of him, and that he says is a peace corner at his place. 

Ali Zafar recently confessed that whenever he composes music he occupies a specific corner at his home which he calls as 'Peace Corner', merely for his belief that whenever he composes tunes by sitting at that place, he excels and gives his best. 

"I am busy composing music these days and my peace place is my favorite place in the house. The best of my music has been composed here," said the singer/musician-cum-actor who has hits like 'Tere Bin Laden' and 'Mere Brother ki Dulhan' to his credit. 

He will be next seen in the modern remake of Hindi Classic 'Chashme Buddoor'.