Release Date: 15th November 2018


Myra Vishwakarma's natural act makes Pihu a surreal conundrum thriller.

Kapri Vinod directorial Pihu is a film based on a true story as it claims to be is definitely one of the finest thrillers but not really a massy fare. Definitely parents with young ones won't dare to leave their young ones alone in their entire life and would raise many questions in their thought process. The film majorly revolves around the sole character a two year old girl named Pihu played by Myra Vishwakarma. The film entirely boasts in the shoulders of this charming sweetheart actor who delivers every act so naturally that we are taken away by surprise with her impressive act and a shout out to the director for extracting such bits; surely a method acting process.

Set in the backdrop of a spacious apartment from Uttar Pradesh, the film begins following a normal life routine as cute little Pihu wakes up from her bed. Although things aren't normal like the other days. The two years old tries to wake up her mom who is in deep sleep and roams around in her two floors apartment going downstairs, switching television channels and even getting to the loo on her own. "Mumma chichi aayi hai kara doh" that sounds too cute from the adorable child actor. Sooner or later the narrative let us realize that the mother is dead consuming sleeping pills and out of her innocence, missing out the agony Pihu asks repeatedly, "Mumma Kha lu"

The film has many edgy nail-biting moments and the director manages to keep most of the things so real however, some loopholes are undeniable. Still nullifies any criticism as its a drama, not a documentary and certain scenes can be let off. The most thrilling scene for me was Pihu climbing off her balcony. The setting of the film is quite slow in the start merely 15 minutes but then it picks up the pace and we are just biting our nails from there on. This crisp thriller is not everyone's cup of tea but its audience would definitely love the film which serves a great social message deep down in their mind.

It was Myra Vishwakarma's finesse and method acting to a certain extent that makes the film feel real at places although many cuts have lowered the impact to a certain extent. Pihu is a smart social thriller for every new parent in town letting them know the havoc and the chaos leading to a widespread destruction by a young one and how important it is to always be around them.

Vinod Kapri's scintillating screenplay is the winner as the film turns out to be gripping and edgier than expected. Also, Yogesh Jani's cinematography is alluring and detailed. Overall, Pihu delivers its chills and thrills and the star of the show is Myra Vishwakarma as her adorable voice will remain in your head for quite a long time.