155 Hours: Another untold story to be told

3rd May 2019

War films are usually action dramas driven by a heavy dose of valour, courage and patriotism – and, of course, combat. But this one's different. This film is a human drama about a soldier keeping his word, not only to his country but to a fellow soldier, even if that means making his mission that much more impossible.

After proudly announcing the prestigious project, Bhuj: The Pride of India (based on the 1971 Indo-Pak war), Select Media Holdings LLP takes pride in announcing another story that needs to be told. Tentatively titled '155 Hours', this film too is based on the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

155 Hours is the story of how an army leader takes care of his own team, based on true story of Captain Karam Singh Virk and Hawaldar Baldev Singh, and their commitment to the country. This is the story of their perseverance and courage. 

The film is all about a young commando soldier of the Sikh Regiment, Baldev Singh, who was stranded in the jungles of Pakistan and suffered bullet injuries in both legs and one arm. All he had for company was the corpse of his best friend, another soldier. Baldev Singh survived for 155 hours without any food or water.
This is also the story of Commander Karam Singh Virk, whose mission is to raid the dense jungles of Pakistan, while also fulfilling his promise to his wounded soldier, Baldev Singh, that he would take him back to his pind (native place) alive! 
While the names of the actors who will essay the roles of Commander Karam Singh Virk and Baldev Singh will be announced soon, the film will be helmed and written by critically acclaimed director Vinod Kapri of Pihu fame, and produced by Ginny Khanuja and Vajir Singh.

The names of the other actors and technicians will also be announced shortly.