Raj Kumar Gupta to unfold the story of India's greatest spy

14th March 2019

Raj Kumar Gupta who is known for his gritty and compelling portrayal of some of the most inspiring real life stories in Hindi cinema like 'No One Killed Jessica' and 'Raid' on the big screen, will now bring the extraordinary story of the greatest Indian spy in the history to the silver screen.

The ace director is working on a film based on Ravinder Kaushik's life,who was an actor turned RAW agent also known as The Black Tiger.

The rights to unfold his amazing story on the silver screen for the first time ever has been given by Ravinder Kaushik's family to the director.

Talking about Kaushik, Raj who is busy with post production of his upcoming film 'India's Most Wanted' says, "Shri Ravinder Kaushik was India's greatest spy. Interestingly, he was an actor before becoming a spy. It's an emotional and remarkable story. We are at the scripting stage for the film. I am humbled and thankful to his family, who trusted me and gave me the rights to turn this unbelievable story into a film."

On behalf of his family - Ravinder Kaushik's sister, Mrs. Shashi Vashisth, who has given the rights to Raj Kumar Gupta says, "Bachpan se hi Desh bhakti ka Jazba uske dil mei tha. Desh bhakti par hi play likhta aur karta tha , bahut sunder bhi tha aur sab Vinod Khanna bulatey thaiy.  I know my brother's story is very unique and many people have approached us to make a film on him but it never felt right kyon ki humarey liye yeh Bahut personal hai. When Raj Kumar Gupta approached us, since we knew of his films like No One Killed Jessica we felt confident .He is a sensible film maker and he is the right person to tell my brothers story for the first time."

'The Black Tiger' was the name given to Ravinder Kaushik by the former PM Indira Gandhi for his bravery and valuable contribution towards the country.

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