Molly Sims: I'm scared to go into labour

23rd May 2012

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Molly Sims says she is worried about going into labour "at any moment."

The first time mother, who turns 39 on Friday, has a month left in her pregnancy.

But she told Us Weekly that as her due date nears she is constantly worried about giving birth to her baby boy.

"You get big and you get uncomfortable," Molly shared. "You start thinking that at any moment you might go into labour even though you know it's not true."

The model turned television host says that her husband Scott Stuber is also nervous about the big day.

"We did our first birthing class the other day," she said. "I swear to god I thought he was going to faint!"

The couple married last September but they are not yet on the same page as to what to call their bundle of joy.

"He wants to meet him [first]," Molly said of her husband's decision. "But I'm like, We're going to be too stressed in the hospital!' We had a little bit of an argument on that." (C) Cover Media