Sonam is scared of elevators

8th September 2014

Famous for wearing her heart on her sleeve and following her own guts, it's hard to imagine this head-strong girl to be actually afraid of something as simple as taking an elevator.

But Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor is honest enough to confess about her phobia in public. The actress recently confessed that she is scared of elevators and hence prefers taking stairs.

She revealed that it was on the insistence of her sister Rhea that she made it a point to ride up and down the 55 storeys of the hotel she was staying in recently.

"I got into the elevator and when I came out, I felt I was going to faint. But I was fine," she recollected. She further revealed that in a situation where she cannot escape the option of an elevator she stands quietly in the corner.

"If I have to go up several floors, then I go right into the corner of the lift and stand there. Of course, when I'm stressed out, then I avoid it altogether and take the stairs instead," she said.

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