Pooja Hegde refuses to endorse weight loss pills!

25th December 2017

Owing to the same, Pooja Hegde was offered to endorse weight loss bills by a reputed pharmaceutical company. But the talented actress refused it, aware of the side effects in the wake of the unnatural weight loss treatment.

Brand and film offers have been pouring in for Pooja after her award-winning debut in Ashutosh Gowariker's Mohenjo Daro. Well known for popularizing aerial yoga, the gorgeous actress has an enviable slim figure.

Aware of the side effects of such pills, Pooja points out that she doesn't want to promote something that is not good for health. "Pooja is an insane fitness freak. She believes that weight loss should occur gradually and naturally, powered by a good diet and strict regime. She is against use of pills and doesn't want the youth to opt for unhealthy methods of weight loss."

Pooja, who takes inspiration for aerial silk from American singer-songwriter Pink, informs, "I have always advised people who aspire to be fit to stick to natural ways of losing weight. I don't want the youth to be misguided into thinking that pills are an easier alternative. I suggest everyone to adopt a lifestyle that allows at least forty five minutes of exercise."

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