These adorable Preity Zinta gifs have made our day!

8th March 2019

Guess who made a debut on giphy! It's none other than the super cute Preity Zinta! The actress becomes the first Bollywood actress to release her own Gifs.

Since her first hit film 'Soldier' we've been in awe of this pretty actress! Known for her bubblyness and charm she's been ruling hearts of millions for years! And now with these adorable Gifs she's making us fall in love with her all over again!  

Recently we'd seen team 'Mirzapur' do that as a part of their Diwali campaign and people were quite fascinated by it! (Priyanka Chopra also is a part of Giphy but that was for Pantene).  

Her gifs are as quirky as Preity is! And we sure aren't gonna stop drooling over them any sooner. Click here for fun Gifs.