Watch hardship behind Akshay Kumar & Rajinikanth's 2.0 look

19th November 2018

Shankar's '2.0' has a phenomenal combination Academy award winner A.R. Rahman's music, crazy amount of VFX and more importantly two legendary actors Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth sharing screen space for the first time ever.

Recently the makers of the film shared the behind the scenes of both antagonist and the protagonist getting into their respective looks for this sci-fi film. The character Dr. Richard essayed by Akshay has a full fledged team of prosthetics expert spilling fluid over the actor's body preparing layers of it for hours and designing the outer layered skin as material. Scanning Akshay Kumar's retina as well as preparing an eerie bird-like costume for him. Click here to watch the video.

The same process is followed for Rajinikanth who is the core character of the film as a Protagonist Dr. Vaseegaran as well as Chitti. The fluid prosthetic procedure and all the hard work is paid off with a clean and clear robot 2.0 version of Chitti.

We are taken on a tour of many shades of Rajini as he looks prolific and much more charming as Chitti. 2.0; is the sequel to the 2010 blockbuster 'Enthiran'. Rajinikanth reprises his role as scientist Vaseegaran and advanced humanoid, Chitti. Amy Jackson also plays a key role in the film. The film is set to hit silver screens worldwide on November 29. Click here to watch Rajinikanth's making video.