Vaani takes you on an adventurous tour of Baguette

5th December 2016

Now that we are almost familiar with the best tour guide of Paris Shyra Gill as we explored the city of Paris with her, we danced around the city with her, we saw her quirky fashion sense and we have learnt the French language as taught by her. But a born foodie she is and a French girl she had tried almost every staple food of France.

Every Indian who visits the city and is accompanied by Shyra as their tour guide asks her only one question 'Don’t we get a Kadak Pao (hard bread mostly eaten with tea) in France?' and the Shyra tells them that she has the 'Baguette.' Baguette is a hard bread made with flour and spices which was Napoleans' survival food. It is also a symbol of French culture.

But the problem with the Baguette it that it is so hard and one finds it difficult to eat because of its hardness. Even a French girl like Shyra cannot eat it. But now she has decide to find the right way of eating a Baguette. She tries to eat it by chewing it, she uses different types of knives to cut it, she throws it from the top floor of the building and tries to break it but her every attempt is failed. And lastly she give up. Vaani also give a special tip to all the Indians who will visit the city in future to carry the Indian bread along with them.

Vaani Kapoor is surely at her best as we can see her from the videos which are released so far. 

Watch the video here.

Foodie Shyra takes you to the adventurous tour of Baguette

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